aluminium floats for ultralight and LSA
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weight data

See table below, data are mentioned per float, not per set. Capacity of straight float is as base for floats size determination. Amphibians capacity is less, reason is deduction of empty rooms for main and front wheels and retracts inside of floats. It has not so big impact to floats buoyancy as is showed by numbers in table, only part of volume is less, float part under water level. Weight of floats can be different, it depends on number of bulkheads inside of floats, depends on design required by customer. These data are valid for our standard production.Weight includes water rudder.

Float size straight 4-wheels amphibs
capacity (liters) capacity ("pounds") weight per float (kg) weight per float (lb) capacity (liters) capacity ("pounds") weight per float (kg) weight per float (lb)
1200 540 1190 25 55 471 1040 42 93
1400 663 1460 30 66 574 1265 47 104
1500 702 1550 35 77 616 1360 52 115

Next parts, that have to be included into floats configuration weight, are spreader bars between floats, rigging and cross-wires with turnbuckles. Weight of whole assembly is approx. 14,5-15kg (33lbs).

Next  added weight is hydraulic pump and hydraulic oil in case of amphibian floats. We use 12V DC hydraulic pump Vetus EHPCR2950, weight is 2,5kg (5,5lbs). In case you want use different pump, Parker 108series for example, it can be ordered. Do you want hand pump? Then you will get hand pump. Or you will ad pump yourselves.

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